Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Going Large for Glamorgan Students' Union

We've just finished work on our fifth edition of the University of Glamorgan Students' Union Guide which we had a lot of fun making. Based around the theme of BIG to represent the brand new Union facility, our concept included high-impact graphics for each spread using a mixture of 3D models shot in the studio, illustration, found textures and typography, to give the product a hand-made, collaged feel. Take a look at the images below to see what was involved.  

BEHIND THE SCENES 1:  3D type made from tabbed templates

 BEHIND THE SCENES 2:  Hand-cut gruyere for the presidents page

BEHIND THE SCENES 3:  Toasted type for the Union Catering page

Friday, 20 August 2010

St Donats Arts Centre new look...

We are thrilled to unveil the new look for this stunning Arts Centre.

The new look events guide incorporates new photography from Studio Savage and Gray, which showcases the wonderful mix of materials and environment at the heart of the design, It provides reader a real sense of the beautiful coastal location and the unique personality visitors will experience.

Monday, 2 August 2010

We want your brains… But only for a few minutes!

For the British Science Festival this year, the British Science association want your brains….. But don't worry - you can have them back in a few minutes!
Savage and Gray have created a research website which invites users  to take part in a working memory test with a chance to win a Nintendo DS and Brain Training.
Also on the site is  the Adlab where users get to show how they think about advertising, with a chance to win £100 Waitrose/John Lewis vouchers!.
So if you  want to take part in cutting-edge psychological research,then visit www.neuromantics.co.uk

A village Life for Savage and Gray

Savage and Gray have just completed work on the first stage of www.bvillage.co.uk for Bridgend College. The site features an avatar maker, interactive map and commenting system. Developments in the next few week will feature polls, special guest avatars and a quiz where registered users could win a laptop computer, as well as other prizes.
Marking items for the project have included designs for adshells, 48 sheet posters, beers mats and press ads. Please feel free to enter the bvillage and send us a comment if you can find us!