Monday, 4 January 2010

25 Years of Craft In the Bay

The Makers Guild in Wales is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2010 and Savage and Gray are proud to have worked with them over the last few years on a variety of projects, including a revision of the corporate identity, exhibition materials and their quarterly events guide, the latest of which has just been completed.

National Science and Engineering Week Needs You!

National Science and Engineering Week (NSEW) is a ten day programme of science, engineering and technology events and activities across the UK aimed at people of all ages, from 12 – 21 March 2010.
To tie-in to the event, Savage and Gray are producing, a mass participation website inviting the British public to go into their parks or gardens and rediscover their surroundings, opening their eyes to all the plants and animals they wouldn’t normally notice. We are encouraging the public to upload photos of anything they don’t recognize to the ‘What on Earth’ site, where scientists will identify as many of them as possible. The site will map the range of biodiversity found by the British public, highlighting the most unusual species that are found.

New Gwyn Hall Corporate Identity

The Gwyn Hall Theatre has always played an important role in the social and cultural life of Neath, but over the past few decades it was recognized as needing a complete refurbishment to bring its facilities into the 21st Century.
As part of this £4million make-over Savage and Gray Design have been invited to create the new corporate Identity for the Hall and are currently in the final stages of the creative process.
Keep following the blog to see the finished brand.